Documentary Wedding Photography Ideas

documentary wedding photography

‘Documentary Wedding Photography’ is going by many other names as well photojournalism, documentary wedding photography or candid photography to name just a few. This article will be using the term “documentary” to describe any type of wedding photos using documentary techniques to tell a story or reveal some secret about the bride and groom.

There are several reasons for wanting to look at documentary wedding photography as a way to celebrate your big day you may want to take the time to do some investigating of your own to find out what other couples have done to get the most beautiful pictures. You may be thinking that this type of photography can be hard to do, but the good news is that if you take some time to educate yourself on what is involved, it can be easy and inexpensive to take photographs of your ceremony and reception in this style of style.


Documentary wedding photographs are often taken with someone else, who may be a professional photographer. They will typically be using a special camera that takes clear and crisp pictures. A digital camera or point and shoot is the most common choice when using this style of camera. This way the person taking the photographs will get an idea of where their subject is in the picture and they will have a better chance of capturing all of the important details.

documentary wedding photography

Documentary wedding photographs are not only beautiful, but they also give the couple a chance to look back in time at the moments that were special for them. Many couples like to bring family members or close friends along to their wedding so that they can see how they looked just before their wedding. They often enjoy seeing the difference in their appearance when they look back on the wedding than they would if they were at the actual wedding.

Documentary wedding photographs can also provide the newlyweds with something that they can keep as a memory of their wedding. Even if the couple doesn’t plan to have a traditional photo album, they can still have their wedding album and the photos in it preserved using a way that will allow them to relive those special moments.


A large part of the fun of having a wedding is the planning and making sure that everything goes as planned. In some cases, this means that your guests have to leave and the couple has to make arrangements and get everything in order. Documentary photography can provide a way for the couple to share those special moments and give them some of the fun that their big day was.

If you are looking for a way to show off the beauty of your photographs to your friends and family, you can consider using wedding pictures that include your wedding cake, flowers and decorations. Using these elements to your advantage can be a unique way to show people how the bride and groom came into each other’s lives and make them a part of their wedding day. Using this type of wedding photographs will let people see how much fun the bride and groom had and how much thought and time they put into the day before their big day.

Documentary wedding photographs can also be a great way for you to share in some of the excitement and emotion surrounding the day for your guests. The fact that the wedding was taken with so much care will be a big surprise to many. Even if your family and friends aren’t from the area, your friends and family will be able to relate to the happiness that they shared with your wedding. You may also be able to share in the joy and celebration that they experienced when they learned that the newlyweds were getting married.